Women Can Fly Event

Pre-Flight Briefings Before going up for your flight, we require that passengers first get a Pre-Flight Briefing. Safety procedures as well as the basics of flying a plane will be covered.
Static Aircraft Displays Have a closeup look at several types of aircraft and talk to the pilots that fly them. Many of you will be able to sit in planes and learn in a relaxed, quiet environment. The pilots can show you the flight controls and instruments in the plane. This is a good opportunity for those who do not choose to fly or for those who want to learn more before or after they fly.
Meet and Greet Talk with women aviators, student pilots, and professionals who will be happy to discuss their experiences and answer any questions, including how to get started with flight training or learning about career opportunities in aviation. If you want to take it to the next step, learn how you can become a pilot!

  • Explanations of the various pilot licenses
  • Training needed
  • Approximate times and costs
  • Opportunities for young women, (e.g., Civil Air Patrol)
  • What you can do with a pilot’s license
  • What job opportunities there are for a pilot
Complimentary Flight Enjoy a flight in a private airplane with volunteer pilots who would love to share their passion with you!